Bonanza Fresh

Added Value

Our Services

Financial Support

Through our Crop Advance and Security Agreement, we provide necessary funding to our growers, enabling them to invest in the production of high-quality crops.

Technical Support

Our decades of experience – and group of advisors- allows us to provide technical guidance to our growers. This includes advice on best farming practices, crop protection, and more.

Market Access

We connect our growers to major retailers and marketers, providing them with a secure market for their produce.

Logistics & Handling

We take care of the logistical aspects from the farm to the retailers or marketers, reducing the burden on our growers and ensuring timely delivery.


We accompany and assist you at every stage of the journey so that you can acquire certifications that will enhance your growth as an exporter.


We provide detailed information for each region of the country on climate, potential risks (pests and diseases), as well as market information.