Bonanza Fresh

About us

With over thirty years of experience, Bonanza Global Fresh has established itself as an important player in the fresh produce industry as a grower shipper distributor.

We have broadened our product line by incorporating additional growers into our platform, allowing us to provide a thorough service to both retail chains and wholesalers.


To seed prosperity by delivering fresh, reliable produce, uplifting customers, and empowering growers


We are the most reliable produce platform between Mexican growers and U.S. markets, delivering freshness from farm to table and cultivating prosperity across borders


  1. Costumer oriented
  2. Grower oriented
  3. Transparency above all


Costumer oriented

Grower oriented

Transparency above all


We validate the quality of our products and our operation worldwide.

We have integrated pest management with beneficial insects, which imitate nature. Efficient management of hydraulic resources.