With more than 30 years of experience in the production
and marketing of high quality fresh fruits, we are experts in what we do.

Our heart is our harvest.

With tomatoes produced in Mexico
and shipped to domestic and foreign markets for over 30 years
we are naturally experts in what we do

Our heart is our harvest.

We appreciate the wisdom of nature and work in harmony with our plants to provide us with delicious and nutritious fruits every day.

We share the best of our fields, because we know that fresh, healthy and sustainable food is our best way to contribute to the well-being of every home where we are invited and the communities where we are located.


We work as a team to produce and market fresh fruits of the highest quality for international markets


To be a model company in our industry, commited to our enviroment and stakeholders by means of growing professionally and conducting ourselves with values.


Quality, Integrity, Resilience, Service, Teamwork.


Time grows better fruits.

Proud of what we have achieved


We validate the quality of our products and our operation worldwide.

Registered with SEMADES ( Secretariat for Environment and Sustainable Development), as a company that recycles and deposits plastic waste with registration number: 1401505381Rf-08.

Member of CAMPO LIMPIO program with registration number: CAP-ESIA-014-045. We have an integrated pest management with beneficial insects, which imitate nature. Efficient management of water resources.


As an agricultural company we understand the importance of taking care of the environment.
We work in a responsible and respectful manner, guaranteeing the sustainability of our operations with international programs and certifications

We produce in a natural way, controlling the use of water through hydroponic cultivation in harmony with nature. We promote the development and well-being of the communities where we are located.


Our heart is our harvest.